Renewable Energy: Solar Energy

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is a method for changing over light energy into power by utilizing a gadget or medium that bridles solar power. There are 2 different ways we can change over solar energy into power, we can either change over it latently or collecting solar power without the utilization of any mechanical gadget or effectively by utilizing a mechanical gadget.

There are 3 kinds of energy that the we can get from the sun:

Solar Light Energy. Photovoltaics is a method for changing over solar energy into power by social event photons or the little bundles of energy inside the sun’s beams. We can utilize this sort of energy to accumulate the radiance of the sun and use it to control the machines inside our homes.

Solar boards convert light energy to power through interconnected photovoltaic silicon(solar cells) organized in a module or through a cluster.

For a solar board to work, it is introduced to where the sun has most satisfactory light in your space. A solar board just creates 12 volt of DC, in this manner, an inverter is expected to change DC over to AC. AC is an electric flow equivalent to 110/100/220 volt (relies upon country) and this sort of voltage is expected to control up any machines inside the home.


  • Less support since it accumulates power latently.
  • Free wellspring of fuel for energy gathering.
  • Interminable inventory of fuel.
  • Long functional life as it doesn’t have any mechanical gadget that might mileage because of rehashed tasks.
  • Saves power bill.


  • High beginning expense. return for capital invested will be accomplished in around 1 to 5 years.
  • Should be introduced on where 100 percent of the sun’s light is accomplished. A shady area implies an abatement in power yield.
  • Power can acquired during the day yet we can introduce batteries so we can in any case utilize solar energy in any event, when the sun isn’t up.

Solar Thermal Energy. Tackling solar energy however it is changed over to warm energy. Instances of which is utilizing the sun to warm a home’s indoor climate, heat water or a pool.

A solar warm framework is a like a solar board yet’s it will probably assemble the sun’s hotness. Rather than mirrors and silicon solar boards, it utilizes a dark shaded boards with a hotness authority and on second thought of producing power, it is changed over heat energy.

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  • Not at all like solar boards, it doesn’t need satisfactory solar light to assemble solar energy.
  • It is utilized latently meaning less upkeep contrasted with mechanical sort of solar power frameworks.
  • Unending inventory of energy in light of the fact that the sun doesn’t diminish nor drain it’s energy rate.
  • Saves fuel as well as power expected to warm a water or keep your indoor climate warm.


  • Will possibly work during the day when the sun is rising.
  • Not suggested on obscure or overcast areas.
  • The underlying expense is high yet there are different choices like reusing that can diminish the absolute beginning expense.

Concentrated Solar Power. Concentrated Solar Power utilizes focal points or intelligent mirrors to shine light energy into a little region to produce an exceptionally high temperature that powers heats up the water and powers the steam turbine in this way creating power.

Concentrated solar power frameworks are not like solar boards despite the fact that it shows up as though however it is utilizing a solar board yet it’s anything but a solar board yet an intelligent board all focused on a pinnacle in this manner creating heat sufficiently high to make steam turbines work.

Solar cooking is an illustration of concentrated solar power. It utilizes an intelligent cooker that assembles the sun’s light and afterward points it at a particular area to think light accordingly produce heat.

Concentrated Solar Power is additionally used to produce power. A dish or an illustrative box might be utilized on homes yet they all require a bigger space and on the grounds that concentrated solar power utilizes steam and a generator, yet the disadvantage is it very well may be excessively clearly for neighbors.


  • Boundless fuel source.
  • Saves money on power bill.


  • Too uproarious and not neighbor-accommodating
  • Excessively massive whenever utilized at home, requires bigger space.
  • Should be on steady sunlight to obtain 100 percent power.
  • Has a mechanical gadget and utilizations water to produce power thusly requires more support.
  • The sun isn’t accessible around evening time.


Solar energy is free and renewable anyway its essential expense is high. However, assuming you consider cautiously, the one time cost of solar boards for instance is sufficiently adequate to save you basically 40% of your power utilization each month that will continue for a really long time.

LEED, a globally perceived green structure framework rates a structure or a house that satisfies its guidelines for being climate agreeable and preserves energy. With your green points, in addition to utilizing every one of the means important to save money on power charges and diminish carbon dioxide emanations, it’s a waste in the event that you don’t get your home or building be LEED guaranteed. Who realizes you may get a LEED Platinum rating for your endeavors.

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